Ensemble OrQuesta

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Jephte Carissimi, Jonas Carissimi
Euridice Caccini

2nd - 9th February 2020, Hastings

Our first Opera Academy of 2020 will be a "triplebill" of two staged oratorios by Carissimi and Euridice by Caccini which is the oldest surviving opera in the repertoire. 

The Academy will take place from the 2nd to 9th February in Hastings  with two final performances at Christ Church, St Leonards on Sea on 8th and 9th February.

Each Academy participant performs at least one performance of a role in the fully staged production of the opera, in original language, with the accompaniment of the Ensemble OrQuesta professional baroque ensemble and harpsichord. This academy specifically will focus on the style of early XVII century opera. 

The Academy course is led by Ensemble OrQuesta founder Marcio da Silva. The chorus will be sung by the Hastings Philharmonic Chamber Choir. Professional stage photos are taken at the dress rehearsals.

Tuition fee: £500 (does not include accommodation)



Soprano / mezzo-soprano: Euridice, La Tragedia, Dafne, Prosepina, Venere
Countertenor: Arcetro
Tenor: Orfeo, Tirsi, Arminta, Caronte
Bass / Baritone: Pluto, Radamanto


Soprano: Filia
Tenor: Jephte


Soprano: Cantus
Tenor: Jonas

*When checking the scores please be aware of the different clefs. 

To apply please send a cv and any video or audio recording to auditions@ensembleorquesta.com. 
Roles are allocated continuously upon receipt of suitable applications. For that reason there is no application deadline.